What is Google question Hub? and Its Benifits.

 Google Question Hub is an online tool introduced by Google, especially for bloggers or content writers. What is the real reason for introducing it? 

As I mentioned above anything is made especially about bloggers. That is Google introduced it to put unanswered quizzes on the Internet in front of bloggers. 

For example if you have a Google search quiz on the Internet the answer is no there Google places the quiz on the Question Hub, and bloggers who see the quiz write the correct answer. 

Apart from that Google Question Hub especially gives priority to regional languages ​​as you all know how much internet usage has increased in our India since the advent of JIO. 

So many people are looking for their doubts in regional languages, but 99% of all data on the internet is in English. So it can be said that Google has introduced it to get answers even in regional languages.
It's still in beta because Google's Question Hub is not yet fully developed. So far, Google has added a lot of features, but it is still adding new features.

How does Google Question Hub work?

I hope you know and understand something about the Google Question Hub. Now let's find out how it works.
According to Google, many bloggers from the Google Questions Hub not only help Google answer questions that are not available on the Internet, but also rank their posts easily. 
If you ever search for unanswered quizzes on Google, you will see a feedback form where the quiz you created will be added directly to the google question hub. Google then divides the query into different categories and then adds the quiz to the relevant keywords.

How to create Google question Hub account? 

Step 1: Click on launch Question Hub. 

Question HUb
Google question Hub main Page. 

Step 2: Select your Google account. 

google question hub
Account selection

Step 3: Select your Blog. 

google question hub
Blog selection page

How to use question Hub?

how to use question hub

Google Question Hub is very easy to use. You just need to log in and search for any topic you like in the search bar above.

Google then shows us some questions related to that topic. From there you can write an answer to what you know and also give a link to a related article on your blog. Apart from that if you have any doubts you can also add your questions there.

What are the uses of Google question Hub? 

By now I think you fully understand about Google Question Hub. But what's the point? Google has brought something that means it can be useful to someone in some way.

Getting new content ideas. 

As mentioned above many of them ask questions related to them so you can take these questions and write a post on your blog.
And you can also improve your skills by doing research on it. 

Getting much traffic  to your blog. 

select one question from the hub and write answer in your blog. then copy that link and paste in to related questions in the question hub. 
by doing this you can also increase traffic to your blog. 

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